Need to Repair Your Concrete Surfaces? Call a Dependable Concrete Company in Mobile, AL

Concrete is one of the most durable materials out there, which is why it’s often the material of choice for homeowners who want to install hardscaping in their yard. However, just like anything else, concrete can degrade over time, especially when it’s exposed to extreme weather and doesn’t receive proper maintenance. Fortunately, when your concrete surfaces become damaged, you can have them fixed by a concrete company that offers professional repair solutions.concrete company Mobile, AL

Nates Construction LLC is a proven concrete company from Mobile, AL

Here in Mobile, AL, Nates Construction LLC is one of the best companies you can trust. We specialize in concrete driveway and walkway installation, but we also provide concrete repair services. If your concrete hardscaping and other surfaces are looking the worse for wear, simply give us a call so we can fix them and bring them back to great shape.

What We Do

We can fix almost all types of concrete issues — from tiny cracks to large holes — so you can confidently entrust any repair job to us. We use high-quality mortar repair and patching materials and apply them using professional, tried-and-tested methods, which ensure that they’ll harden properly and effectively seal the gap. This is important since a gaping crack or hole allows water to seep into the surface and cause the concrete to erode over time.

Once the mortar repair or concrete patch have dried, we will apply concrete sealcoating. This provides the surface with added protection from heat, moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors and helps it last for a long time.

When Repairs Aren’t Enough

We’ve seen homes wherein the concrete surface has been damaged to the point of no return. Our experts will assess the area and determine if it can still be fixed or not. If the damage is beyond repair, or if the repairs cost more than half the cost of replacement, we will suggest a complete replacement. This way, you’ll get a brand-new concrete surface that’s professionally installed and will last for years.

Call (251) 225-8859 to reach to experienced concrete company from Mobile, AL

When you need concrete repair services in Mobile, AL, Nates Construction LLC is the right concrete company to call. Dial (251) 225-8859 now to book an appointment with us!


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